Sit-in to #StopTrumpCare


We are in a state of emergency. 

Thousands of lives are on the line in Washington.

If passed, the Republican healthcare bill will take away health insurance from 22 million people and cut Medicaid by $772 billion over the next decade, eliminating or diminishing health services for up to thirty-four million children, eleven million disabled people, and seven million seniors, many of whom live in nursing homes – all to provide a 541 billion dollar tax break to the wealthy.

This barbaric policy must be resisted. That’s why we’re partnering with Our Revolution, #AllOfUs, and the Democratic Socialists of America to organize rapid-response nonviolent sit-ins across the country on Thursday, July 6th demanding that Republican Senators vote NO on the so-called Better Care Reconciliation Act before it comes to the floor. 

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We don’t have much time. Senate Republicans were forced to delay a vote on the bill until after the July 4th recess. That gives us just over a week to recruit, train, and mobilize as many people as we can for this wave of nonviolent civil disobedience targeting Republican Senate offices across the country.

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Following in the tradition of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., on Thursday, July 6th, we must engage in radical nonviolent direct action in order to protect the healthcare of our people and to “redeem the soul of this nation”.

Let’s send a message to the Trump administration and the Republican Party that We the People will not stand by while our very health, our very lives, are put in jeopardy.

If ordinary people across our country rise up and demonstrate that this bill is morally unacceptable, if we put our own bodies and liberties on the line to show our neighbors that human lives and the character of our nation is at stake, we have a real shot at stopping this bill from becoming law.

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For Freedom Sake,

The People's Consortium for Human and Civil Rights