Host a Nonviolent Direct Action Training

Invite The People's Consortium for Human and Civil Rights to conduct a Nonviolent Direct Action Training for your church, youth group, or community group.

Why We Train?

We are called to action because we are deeply disturbed by the moral crisis in America that has been engendered by institutionalized racism, reckless capitalism, and the deification of the militarized state. In this era of globalization and unprecedented inequality, the citizens of this country – many of whom are members of the denominations and faith communities we serve – have lost gainful employment and have not been trained for the emerging digital economy. Instead, coy politicians promise that obsolete factory jobs and manufacturing industries – which pillage our natural resources and erode our ecosystem – will be revitalized. 

Therefore, our nonviolent direct actions training equip participants a progressive policy agenda for the political, social, economic liberation of all people, The People's Agenda, through a nonviolent moral militant movement. This moral militant movement engages faith communities, colleges, civic organizations and millennials with tools for civic engagement, civil disobedience, and community empowerment.

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